Louise Wood Angel House and the Lilah Smith Safe House

The Louise Wood Angel House in Odessa and the Lilah Smith Safe House in Fort Stockton are open 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure the safety of our residents. Both emergency shelters provide safe, comfortable and home-like environments for adult victims of family violence or sexual assault.

Children and youth are a top priority at Crisis Center of West Texas. Our dedicated staff create a safe and comfortable environment that focuses on the needs of each child so they can work through the trauma, develop coping skills, and spend time having fun and being a kid again.

At the shelter clients will find:
  • Individual/Group Counseling services for women, youth and children
  • Career Development Program, including skills assessment and training, career planning financial assistance for education
  • Advocacy, resources and referrals provided during individual appointments and weekly meetings
  • Parenting education classes
  • Courtyard garden and appropriate play areas
  • Children’s Enrichment
  • Program providing opportunities for afterschool education, field trips and special events
    If you need emergency shelter, please call our hotline at 866-627-4747.