Prevention Education

Crisis Center of West Texas is committed to working with our community to build greater understanding of the issues of domestic and sexual violence. Each year, our staff train and educate thousands of adults and children, including medical, law enforcement, mental health and legal professionals, educators and students,  faith leaders, community leaders, volunteers and advocates. 

At CCWTX, we believe education will help us end the cycle of violence. Each of our presentations is free of charge and uses evidence-based curriculum. To learn more about our prevention education services or to schedule a presentation, please call 432-333-2527.

  • Healthy Relationships

    An evidence-informed curriculum on healthy relationships for middle and high school students. Our curriculum promotes an environment of tolerance and empathy. Students are encouraged to share their own experiences with stereotyping, talk about their concerns regarding unhealthy communication and disrespect, and come up with their own conflict resolution and healthy relationship strategies. Classes are offered in English and Spanish as needed and adapted for each grade level. The curriculum meets the TEC §37.0831 requirement for dating violence awareness education for students.

  • Expect Respect

    A school based support group curriculum that provide a safe environment to increase emotional regulation and communication skills, identify qualities of healthy relationships, challenge unhealthy gender roles, learn skills for supportive peer and dating relationships, and experience a sense of belonging and connection. These on-going groups are gender specific and support students who are considered at risk for experiencing or using violence.

  • Coaching Boys into Men & Athletes as Leaders

    Healthy relationships curricula for middle and high school athletes that facilitates the connection between coaches and athletes and equips coaches to promote respectful behavior among their athletes and to prevent dating violence and assault. Coaching Boys Into Men is designed for male coaches and athletes, while Athletes as Leaders is designed for female coaches and athletes. Crisis Center of West Texas provides training and materials to coaches interested in implementing these programs with their athletes.

  • Teen Leadership Council

    A leadership development program for local high school students. Youth participating in the council spend the first semester of this year-long program learning about healthy relationship and consent while participating in leadership and team building activities. In the second semester of the council, youth choose a project to be implemented in community or in their school with the goal of preventing dating or sexual violence.

  • CCWTX Services & Domestic and Sexual Violence

    Crisis Center of West Texas also offers educational presentation for community groups, businesses, organizations, and other groups on topics including the services provided at CCWTX and the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence. Our staff are available to speak on domestic and sexual violence in our community or about how you can support our mission to end domestic and sexual violence.